November 26, 2020

Unable to reinstall OS X MacBook Pro

by admin in Artiklar

This article is in english, because we never found the answer out there, just noticed there were a lot of people with the same problem.



If your Mac starts up to a folder with a question mark means that your startup disk is no longer available or doesn’t contain a working Mac operating system. And when you try to reinstall a new OS (OS X like Maverick or Catalina) you are not able to do so.

Skärm som visar blinkande frågetecken

Or maybe you have a wiped OS-disk and just wan’t to install the operating system again.

There were several problems with reinstalling this Apple MacBook Pro (late 2013, but regarding to many forum posts this is a problem for many older MacBooks too (late 2012 or 2014 too).

Tried booting with different bootable USB-drives with different versions of OS X. But no go.

And when trying to install over Internet the globe frooze. And we had to start over.

At some point we got an error message that stated -2002f during internet recovery.

To get around this in our case. We created a unsecure wifi (our wifi was WPA/WPA2 PSK and the recovery system doesn’t seem to support this.)

Using just our mobile phone, we shared Internet Wifi without any security and then booted the MacBook to do a Internet recovery. No freeze or hang up when connected to that network. That got us to the Recovery menu after a while. Here is a link for the Mac startup key combinations.

After that we could choose our secure Internet and continue with the installation.

This is our steps.

Create an unsecure Wifi network (without any password).

1. Clear the NVRAM – start you Mac with the keys Command + Option + P + R held down.

2. Start your Mac with Command + Option + R held down (or Shift + Option + Command + R).

3. Connect to the unsecure Wifi you created earlier and see if the installation continues.

4. When the recovery menu comes up, you can connect to you ordinary wifi and continues with your installation.

Hope this helps!

Don’t forget to disable your unsecure network again. 😉 Cheers!

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